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"It takes a big heart to shape little minds"

About Me

Ms. Heather


About me

My love for children began in my teens when I was given the opportunity to work with the onsite preschool at my High School. Soon after that, I was hired as a nanny with 3 boys in which I have attended all 3 of their weddings, and am still in continuous contact with them. I started my family of 3 however, I never lost focus of my life goal which was becoming a preschool teacher no matter how busy my little family got. As time passed, I found myself exploring other careers and venues. I was a Girl Scout Leader, Elementary School Yard Duty, Party Coordinator for Chuck E. Cheese's, a Preschool Teacher, a Bus Driver for Special Needs Children, PTA Community Service Project Organizer, a surrogate not once but twice with a set of twins and continue to volunteer at my local church preschool. 

I opened Terrific Kids in 1993 and continued to build my ongoing child development education as well as maintained a current CPR certification and First Aid. As Terrific Kids continued to grow and graduate to kindergarten, three years later in 1996, I opened Terrific Kids to an even larger crowd and received my license for a Large Home Facility.

Through all this, my passion for teaching kids and caring for them has never changed. 

About Us


Pre-school and Bible Time

Terrific Kids Child Care provides the highest standards of quality child care available today. We understand that the time your child spends in our facility should enhance their intellectual development and build character. Hours are from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. Your child will be taught everyday in a school-like environment. He or she will learn to write their name, count numbers, and say and recognize the alphabet. My goal is to prepare your child to enter Kindergarten.


Class Field Trips

Our focus is on having fun while learning, building self esteem and social skills through new activities. Field trips engage children and provide a basis for kids to learn about themselves and the world around them.


Summer Program & Private Swim Lessons

At Terrific Kids, we provide private  swim lessons at the facility in which your child will learn how to swim in 2 weeks. Services are provided by  https://www.facebook.com/kimmie.frithsmithsswimlessons/

Your child with have a blast at the Terrific Kids summer program. Not only will your child enjoy fun and educational Science and crafting activities, but they will also be going to several fun and exciting field trips. Some of the places we have attended are Disneyland, Hurricane Harbor, Santa Barbara Zoo, Local Fire stations, Billy Bees, Scooters Jungle; just to name a few. Several of my Terrific Kids graduates attend this summer program. 


Marlissa Brawner, Parent of one of our Terrific Kids

We wanted to find a healthy, happy environment that was as close to our home environment as possible and we found that at Heather’s.

Jenn Abasta, Parent of one of our Terrific Kids

Ms. Heather is the absolute best. She is literally amazing with children and treats them like her own. 

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32448 The Old Road, Castaic, CA 91384, US

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